Normally I didn’t post about projects in which I’m not involved but sometimes I made some exceptions.
Jolicloud is one of these.
What’s Jolicloud? From the Jolicloud web sites

Welcome to Jolicloud, a cool new OS for your netbook

It is based on ubuntu and it aims to create a new OS which integrate web applications with common desktop apps. Until now, nothing new…
However I saw some wonderful screenshot and there is one that hit my imagination:

Jolicloud applications menu

Jolicloud applications menu

As an interface designer I really like the new applications menu developed by the jolicloud guys. Currently the ubuntu applications menu only shows the installed apps and if you want to install new one you have to use the “Add/Remove” program.

Having all applications (installed and not) in the same place have several advantages:

  • You have a single access point to all your apps
  • You can forget about “Add/Remove programs” (Like Synaptic etc.)
  • All your applications are presented in a unified way

and the only real problem I see is the waste of screen space… Definitely it could be really useful on any desktop and not only on netbooks.


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